Questionnaire Example


For identifying information, please do the following:
  • Enter your 9 digit Participant Number located next to the UPC code above your name on your qualification questionnaire or summons. Click on the "Questionnaire Example" to the left for help in locating your Participant Number. You will need to enter your Participant Number each time you log into eJuror.
  • Enter the first three letters of your last name.
  • Enter your Date of Birth. Please enter the birth year as four digits (e.g. 1956).
This process will take approximately 10 minutes. Please complete the questionnaire without interruption, otherwise the system may close and not retain your responses. Do not use the back and forward arrows/buttons on your browser as this will cause the process to fail. The final screen is a confirmation screen that will allow you to edit your responses before submitting the questionnaire to the court.

The court must download your responses to the questionnaire before eJuror will provide you with the options to request a partial excuse, postponement or full excuse. You will need to login to eJuror again to submit that request.
Participant Number
The first three LETTERS of your last name (excluding hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc.)
Date of Birth (4-digit year) / /